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2022 Year End Review

2022 was an awesome year with six trips and photographing subway stations in nine cities. Incredible night time photo gems were found in each of the cities. Helicopter flights were taken in three cities with the crap shoot for results ending in my favor.

Cities visited included San Juan Puerto, Rico - Prague, Czech Republic - Budapest Hungary - Sofia, Bulgaria - Bucharest , Romania - Toronto, Canada - Wuppertal, Germany - San Francisco, California and Samarkand & Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Visiting Uzbekistan was the high point of the year after planning for more than two years while having plans changed by the pandemic and Mr. Putin's war on Ukraine.

Photos from the helicopter flights in San Juan, San Francisco and Toronto can be viewed at:

Other photos not related to subways, aerial photography or night creeping can be found under the 2022 frame in the Photo Favorites section of this website.

I wish everyone a year of accomplishments and fulfilled dreams in 2023.

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